Adan Jette
Title Student, High School
Age 15
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Status Single
Relatives Gabriel Jette (Father)

Laura (Mother)

Mason (Cousin)

Ethnicity N/a
Aliases Addie
First Appearance Chapter 1


Adan has short, auburn hair with romantic curls and olive colored irises. His is rather tall and has a slim figure since he enjoys playing sports.


Adan is quite a hopeless romantic, seeing as he's been "in love" 6 times within the last 4 years. Besides that, he's always helping a friend in need.

Adan can be explained as a sweet, slightly self adsorbed, politically incorrect airhead.



Despite just being Adan's mom and first born, they are best friends. She's always there for all his games, and is always there when he needs a someone to talk to. Other than Kat of course.


Kat and Adan grew up together in the same apartment building since their parents, Laura and Jane, are best friends. Since they were young and grew up together, they became the best of friends.


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Adan thinks Charis is quite annoying, rude and rough. Considering that she's bit him before.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Sports, fitness, the guitar and sleeping

Dislikes: Mornings, tests and Charis


  • Adan is on the school's basketball team.
  • Adan also draws.
  • Adan actually is an amazing singer but he refuses to sing anymore.