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Title N/a
Age 19
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Status Dating, Elliot
Relatives Kelly (Mother)

Matthew (Brother)

Ethnicity N/a
Aliases Bre
First Appearance N/a

Brenda current lives with Elliot, and Kat, Elliot's younger sister.


Brenda has always been comfortable in her own body, and isn't afraid to wear anything that might be too revealing in another's eyes. If given the option, she would walk around nude.

Despite this, Elliot doesn't have a problem with how she dresses. He knows that she's pretty and she'll get attention no matter what.

Every two to three months, Brenda will dye her hair. Her fall back colors are usually a honey blonde and pink ombré.


Brenda gets most of her confidence and non bullshit attitude from her mother, who despite being a single teen mom and homeless at one point, did everything she could to insure her daughter had everything she needed and wanted.

Brenda is pessimistic, an occasional instigator, and nonchalant most of the time.


  • Brenda is bisexual.
  • Brenda secretly has a crush on Rebecca.
  • Brenda enjoy picking and pushing Kat's buttons. She finds Kat's innocence cute.