Jane Linhart
Title Vocal Coach
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Status Married
Relatives Elliot (Son)

Kat (Daughter)

Leo (Nephew)

Ethnicity N/a
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a

Jane never planned on having kids. Despite this, she still loves them and does what she can to have them be self sufficient. Though she's rarely home and "needs her space", she'll relax in a studio. But, eventually will call to check up on them and leave them weekly spending money.

However, when she does spend time with Kat and Elliot, the bonding time is strictly business and focuses more on how they can each improve their music career.


  • Jane doesn't concern herself with the fact that her son's girlfriend, Bre, is living in their home. She only asks that Elliot acts as Kat's guardian in her place.
  • Jane met her husband at a café that he worked at.